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About Poets
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Poets  ,poets  and poets.

Mrs.Sheela Kolambkar not only writes poems but also short stories.She is one of the recipients of Sahitya Akademi awards who has contributed substantially to the development of modern Konkani literature.
Ms.SamFrancisco  writes Konkani poems which are quite popular with the readers as well as the audience.She has participated in many Kavi-Sammelans
(Poets Meets).
Mr.Sudhir Kodkani  has written many poems and his poems have been published in prestigious publications such as "JAAG" ,"BIMB" and "Kanara Saraswat".His is a familiar name to the listeners of ALL INDIA RADIO (Mumbai Kendra.Asmita).He has participated in many Kavi Sammelans including "Bahubhasha Kavi Sammelan" organised by Sahitya Akademi.
Mr.Navin Kulshekar is a journalist and a poet.

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